Larry’s Story: Finding Lessons Amidst Failures

January 15, 2018

Larry Cohn has seen his share of success. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Washington University, and the Fire Walking Institute for Research and Education, Larry’s passion and determination propelled him into notoriety as a respected entrepreneur making a difference in the local community. However, as much as his accomplishments have helped shape his identity, it’s his failures that have had a truly significant impact on his life.

As the stock market crumbled 10 years ago, Larry’s dream of making an impact in St. Louis seemingly crumbled along with it. Ridden with guilt and an overwhelming sense of failure, Larry left the city with no home, no car, and no real direction for his life. After months of living in shame, Larry eventually came to see his failures in a new light. He realized where he was and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt where he wanted to be. Larry returned to St. Louis, determined to see his dreams of a better city become a reality.

People often say that the greatest life lessons stem from failure. The proverb rings true in Larry’s own life and now he’s committed to sharing what he’s learned to help others.

When you find yourself in the midst of challenging times, like Larry, find peace in these five important lessons:

-Appreciate where you are so you can find the clarity of where you want to be.

-Stay committed. Do what you said you would do, long after the feeling and the inspiration has gone.

-Don’t judge the time it takes to make your goals come true.

-Don’t let what others think rule you. The past does not equal the present.

-Be an inspiration for others, especially to yourself.

It is a natural part of life to fail, but learning to pick yourself up again and grow past the edges of your past failures starts with you. Realize and accept where your life has taken you, and fervently work to see the future you desire come to fruition. To learn more about Larry’s story, check out his video below.

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