The Business Resource Center at NexCore

We know running a business can be hard. From what services to use to what companies are reputable, there are hundreds of decisions that need to made and the wrong decision can, and likely WILL cost you. Sometimes it can cost you your business. At NexCore, we have encountered these same challenges and same (seemingly) countless decisions that need to be made. Because of that and because we truly believe that NexCore IS not only The Starting Point for it ALL but the place where you can come to take your business to the next level, no matter what level it is now— we have assembled the Business Resource Center.

What Is It?

 Simple Answer! The Business Resource Center is where we have assembled some of the most talented businesses and individuals in the world right  and they are all housed right here in St. Louis, inside of NexCore. When you are trying to get your business going, keep it going or take the next step, it’s really hard to find service providers and solutions that you can trust. No more Yellow Pages (online) or Google Searches, no more Facebook Groups that self promote, just a collection of proven professionals and top-tier companies brought together in one place.

What are your needs and how can we help? To find out, call us to book a consultation to click HERE.

Interested In Becoming A Business Resource Center Service Provider?

NexCore is #THEStartingPointforitALL and we take that seriously. Those contacting the Business Resource Center need services and solutions that they can count on and people delivering them that they can trust. ALL Members of the Business Resource Center MUST provide the highest levels of service to Business Resource Center Referrals! If interested, please schedule an interview by selecting a time HERE.

What Resources LIVE At The Business Resource Center?

Payroll Providers, Benefits & Insurance Professionals, Attorneys, Human Resources Solution Providers, Credit Card Processing Service Providers, Accounting Solutions & Professionals, Business Credit Building Companies, Business Capital Resources, Small Business Specialists, On-Site Financial Institutions DEDICATED to Small Businesses, Cellular Service Providers, Alarm & Monitoring Solutions, Home Automation Providers, Business Phone System Solutions Providers, IT Professionals, Musicians, Cannabis Experts,  Internet Service Providers, Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Recruiters and Hiring Professionals, Event Planners, Photographers, Content & Branding Specialists, Property Managers, Realtors, Mortgage Professionals, Tax Professionals, Non-Profit Advisers, Mobile Auto Detailing, Construction Companies, Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies, Graphic Designers, Wed Designers, Advertising Specialists, Videographers, Home Health Care Providers, Legal Service providers, Identity Theft Solutions, Business Consultants, Motivational Speakers, Travel Providers, Community Activists, Computer Repair Providers, Import/Export Experts, Manufacturing Consultants, Caterers, Authors, CPR Certifications, Grant Writers, Copywriters, Real Estate Investors, and More- If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need at least one of these services…?” Ask no more, the answer is right in front of you!


And that is why we have assembled the Business Resource Center to be able to help introduce you to proven professionals and experts in their trade, vetted by NexCore to help you in your search. These are not NexCore Companies or even partners, but companies and individuals that believe in and support the small and medium sized business community right here in St. Louis.