THE Starting Point for it ALL…

We know building your business mostly requires heart, but it also requires resources. While the NexCore experience was created to provide you with a thoughtfully-designed space, we’ve also provided you with a robust package of amenities and access to the services necessary to encourage you and help you reach your goals.
With NexCore, you’ll be working among a community of inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, growing collectively yet each on their own journey.
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The NexCore Signature Membership

$219.00 /Monthly

The NexCore Signature Membership is the premier membership of it’s kind in St. Louis. This package is everything you need to truly grow your business. It includes 24/7 access to the amenity rich NexCore Flagship location in St. Louis, plenty of printing ($100 worth of print credits in the building), mail service with a unique mailing address/suite number, 14 hours of rent-able conference room time each month, 4 passes for contractors and team members to be at your side when you need them (additional passes available at $20/day) and all of the amenities of the NexCore Building. 

NexCore has also included some options and incentives to help you grow your business and build your team. You can add team members and save big. At NexCore, we want you to grow with us and we are here for you to help and support you at every point on your journey. 

As NexCore members, you will have an opportunity to get set for your day with customizable lighting (tune the light to match your mood), private phone booths, Google Assistants throughout the building with Google Play music installed on each device and a variety of seating areas, cast-enabled Smart TVs Everywhere and the friendliest staff in coworking. 

If you haven’t been here, come try a day on us!

The Virtual NexCore Membership

$75.00 /Monthly

The NexCore Virtual Membership gives you the ability to leverage the NexCore building to help you build and “Anchor” your business, while positioning for additional growth. 

What’s included in a virtual membership? Well…everything- Virtually. You will be notified when mail/packages arrive using the NexCore App. It will include the date received, the senders name and distinguishing information (certified letter, etc).

How do we help you anchor your business? You get a unique mailing address with a dedicated suite number to ensure that your business not only shows up online, but stands out.

You also get 3 passes to come to NexCore during business hours to hang out and get some working, or networking, Done! 

All for $75/month. 

To get a dedicated phone number with a virtual attendant to route your phone calls, the price goes to $99.00  (Additional numbers are just $10/each)

There is a 3 month minimum commitment.

Just Passin’ Through (Day or Week Passes

$20 / day

If you don’t need a NexCore membership, you can still come hang out for a day or a week or longer. Just select one of our “Just Passin’ Through” options.

It’s basic, building access only. But the building is really, really nice. Building access is available during normal business hours only.

Printing, conference room usage and other amenities are available at an extra charge. 


$75 / week

It’s the same as a “Just Passin’ Though” Day pass, but for a week. 

NexCore offers a variety of coworking memberships and services.

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