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NexCore is a collaborative coworking space with more than 100 members providing services in various areas and to dozens of industries. If one of our members can assist you during the COVID-19 Pandemic, program funding may be available to subsidize or eliminate your costs.


If you are a small business in St. Louis, we are here for you!


In addition to the NexCore service providers, we have helpful resources and links to other funds and opportunities to help your business when it needs it the most. We are all in this together, so call us today, if we can’t help, we know who can.


How it Works

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Small businesses in need are instructed to fill out the form below or call NexCore during normal business hours for a telephone consultation. 314.635.0500. Every caller will receive several things. First, an initial consultation to help gauge what the needs of the business owner are and a business assessment tool that you can use. After the initial assessment, you will receive additional help, assessments/consultations and potentially subsidized services to help ensure your business has some help to get through these trying times. While funds have already been raised, NexCore is currently seeking contributors and partners for the groundbreaking initiative aimed at assisting and building up the small business community in the Greater St. Louis area at a time of tremendous need.

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StL Small Business Help Powered by NexCore
StL Small Business Help Powered by NexCore
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This group is designed to UNITE the Small Business Community here in St. Louis...

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