The NexCore Team

Our NexCore team is here to serve your needs

NexCore grew out of the simple belief that commitment, collaboration, and collaboration can help all small business owners achieve their dreams. To help you succeed, our team of experienced business professionals is at your service. Learn more about the Core of the NexCore team. Our NexCore team is here to serve your needs. With a variety of backgrounds, experiences and skills our staff at NexCore is committed to your success. We look forward to working with each of you! We’re at your service.

Jim Shelvy


Jim Shelvy is an entrepreneur who specializes in sales development. His work includes team management, integration, marketing and business assesment. 

His background is in Sales Management for big box retail operations including Best Buy, Maytag and AmericanTV, and in the small business sector as a consultant. Most recently he served as Vice-President of sales for an international company with sales in excess of $500 million dollars annually.

Jim sits on the board for the nonprofit ReVitalize St. Louis.

Larry Cohn


Larry Cohn has a diverse background, blending his business acumen with personal development strategies and mindset based growth philosophies to launch, fund and support companies and nonprofits across the United States. He helped to develop new streams of income and increase profits for several companies nationwide. He is a graduate of the Harvard School of Business for executive education and negotiation, Washington University in St. Louis and the Fire Walking Institute for research and education.Through his many successful business pursuits, his businesses have been featured in Money Magazine, USA Today and Food and Wine. Larry serves on The advisory board of Lift for Life Gym, The 7th Grade Poetry Foundation, The Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation, is the current President of ReVitalize St. Louis.

Vic Porcelli

The Voice

Vic Porcelli, is a man who everyone in St. Louis may not recognize when we see him, but will always be excited when we hear his voice. After being in the St. Louis radio industry for decades he is starting to branch out and be the voice of so much more. NexCore is has partnered with Vic and is producing daily podcasts. Vic is also available for voice over work and event announcements.

Gabriel Beer

Content Manager

Gabriel is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis specializing in entertainment development, economics and computer science. Gabriel is a native New Yorker whose love for St.Louis has kept him in our city post graduation. His first partnership with NexCore was as Content Developer for the St. Louis Small Business Day Independence Celebration which aired July 9-11 2020 and has attracted nearly one million views.

Jenn Carter

Creative Director

Jenn Carter is the creative corner stone of the team. She specializes in branding, dynamic website construction and creative conception and brainstorming. With over 20 years of experience and a degree from Washington University, Jenn is highly qualified and excited to help take your company to the next level. 

Taylor Miller

Operations Director

Taylor is our Client Communications Manager and heads up our Virtual Solutions Division. She blends her skill for organization with her passion for helping people. Taylor has volunteered her time to help senior citizens and has also been active with young women empowered. She has a desire and drive for helping empower young women in the workplace. She currently serves on the board for ReVitalize St. Louis.

Toyetta (Toy) Loyd

Client Experience Manager

Toy has over 25 years in customer service. I was a concierge for 9 years, an administrative assistant for 6 years a front desk and telephone operator for 3 years and the formative years I’ve done everything from fast food drive thru to a barista at starbucks. The one thing I found about myself is that no matter where I worked I love to take care of my guests.   I am a great listener and really enjoy hashing out any problem until a great solution is found.  On a personal level I am the mother of 4 (3boys 1 girl) and grandmother to three.

Bekah Price

Project Manager

Bekah is a lifetime Saint Louis resident. In her personal time she raises her seven children and entertains her many fascinations and passions. She has a rich background in so many industries. From restaurant management, technical advisor, entertainment, local marketing, event planning, and has done a lot of work raising money for charities as well as for scholarships. She makes sure every box gets checked and every day tries to learn a new skill to consistently grow. Her goal is to be sure every person she meets she can find a way to change their business and lives.


Joshua Key

Joshua Key is one of the newest additions to the team, in both Nexcore’s growing social media service and content production team.  As much a technician as a creative, he has six years of video, still photography, and audio content experience.  In his free time, Josh produces independent web content – between studying history, philosophy, and the classics.

Artez Williams

Artez Williams is a McKendree University Alum. Artez Joined Nexcore In July of 2020. He works with our social media team and along side of Nexcore Productions. His background in production and marketing led him to pursue a position with Nexcore. In his spare time he is Managing a company by the Name of Make It Look Eazy. Which is centered around music and video production. His skill set allows him to be a very diverse and unique asset to the Nexcore family.

Holly Hargrove

Holly has worked for non profit organizations running their webpages and writing newsletters. Her interest in communications and social media algorithms brought her to Nexcore. She has a happy and creative work ethic. In her free time she enjoys writing, playing music, and being sociable with friends and family. She’s dedicated to learning something new everyday and working on self improvement.