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Brand You Media started as a way to escape my career as a broadcast journalist. Over the years, I had watched an industry I once loved turn into a profit-driven, watered-down version of itself. I knew I needed to change, but my love of video storytelling kept pulling me back in… until it didn’t.

I remember the day I hit my breaking point. I texted a friend to vent after a disturbing call from my boss. My friend said, “What do you want to do next?” My answer sent me on a journey that ended with the creation of Brand You Media. I replied with, “The job I want doesn’t exist, so I have to create it.”

Fueled by my desire to tell authentic stories about real people making a difference, I found myself drawn to the small business owners, solo-preneurs, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofits in our communities. They are the heart and soul of our cities: the people who left the safety and security of working for someone else to invest in themselves, to further their dreams, and support their cities and towns.

As video exploded, I realized these were the people I could help. My journalism background trained me to find and create stories quickly and efficiently, which would keep costs down and give businesses an option for video. That same background could teach business owners to create video on their own, including Facebook Live, which gives every business the opportunity to establish a regular video presence and connect with their customers in a personal way.

My goal is to make sure video is attainable for everyone, no matter how big or small the company, and that is what I am doing through Brand You Media.

– Denise

Nexcore + Denise

When we first saw the mission of Brand You Media and its founder Denise Naughton, we knew we had found a match. Denise is an Emmy award-winning producer, but more importantly, she is a community champion. She is committed to helping businesses of all sizes expand their media presence, sharpen the vision of their company, and improve the way businesses are seen in this ultra-competitive, digital world.

Let’s be honest, anyone can produce a video, but Brand You Media offers high-quality, affordable videos with the small business owner in mind.

With Brand You Media powered by Nexcore, every business now has the ability to compete and succeed.

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