Fysiq was designed to be the most unique gym or fitness experience that anyone’s ever encountered. It’s a blend of mind, body, spirit, and fun – not everybody is able to incorporate all those things together and that’s what Fysiq is designed to do.

The whole goal of Fysiq is to help you embark on a healthy life with style. Fysiq offers fun and motivating classes, all of the amenities of the traditional gym with a balance of mental exercise options, physical exercise options, and education to optimize your experience.

If you want to just come to the gym and work out, just come to the gym and work out. We are friendly but won’t bother you. If you want to excel through Fysiq’s one-of-a-kind program, then we provide the true Fitness & Human Performance Experience.

Our approach to Human Performance is simple. When most people think about fitness or personal training, they either feel like they are completely alone with zero direction or they think they’re going to have to do a bunch of jumping jacks and that there’s going to be someone yelling at them like a drill sergeant. In order to optimize not only your workout, but also your life, what we do first is find out where you are mentally to make sure that you are in a place where you can accept where you are and find the courage to draw the map to where you’re wanting to be.

We sit down with every client to figure out an individualized plan. We start with the mental, then we go with the physical, and that ultimately makes the spirit a much happier being. Fysiq is about the individual and not just the physical element. Human Performance is not just fitness: it is designed to make sure that when you leave Fysiq, you can handle what the world has to throw at you. Until you’re strong mentally, physically, and spiritually, it’s difficult to see how those three aspects of your being help you to be more successful, but it’s just something that you see happening once you’ve reached your goals.

Once you’ve seen the results, then it comes to you and you’re like, “OH! There I am! Here I am! I’m where I want to be! Now I Can Take On The World.”

Basically, we need to help reduce the fat mentally and reduce the fat spiritually. The rest will come with the confidence and desire to make it so. Only when you can get past all of that will you see that you are a better person, and for many, it’s the first time that you get to see the real you.

About Misha

“I’m a work-in-progress, always growing, always evolving.”

Misha is a product of change. Born in East St. Louis, IL, one of the most violent and dangerous areas in the country, Misha looked for a way out and sports was that way. Because of the belief of her coaches, Misha tried her hand at track & field, which was no easy task for an asthma patient who spent hours as a kid under an oxygen tent. Running was not the recommended course of action, but Misha was undeterred. Her motivation and mental toughness were stronger than the asthma, but it wasn’t easy. Every pace resulted in one step closer to another asthma attack. Weather, dust, and smoky environments were all triggers. But perseverance and determination paid off and she became a 3-time all-American athlete in track and field.

She continued to run USA track and field and won several awards. Inspired by the hope that she could have the same kind of influence on another child as her coaches had on her, she went on to become a coach for middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes. If you are a coach and aren’t mentally tough, you will not be successful.

Today she is asthma free, happily married, and a mother of 3, 2 of which are special needs. One child suffers from a traumatic brain injury, and another is a cancer survivor and currently on the heart transplant waiting list. At the age of 7, Misha lost her mother and went on to live with relatives whom she would later care for until their last days. When you think about Misha, know that she is compassionate, wants to see success in others, and is a person who wants to be around people who want to enjoy life. She has made a career of overcoming incredible challenges and used physicality and mental preparation (or Human Performance principles) to come out better than anyone could have predicted from a little girl from East St. Louis who refused to be a victim.

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