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Nexcore benefit solutions has brought together a suite of services designed for the small business owner, the entrepreneur, and the employees that make the business what it is every day.


With years of experience in the employee benefit space, we’ve identified the biggest problems facing HR professionals, self-employed individuals, and small business owners.

The Questions

Nexcore benefits solutions answers several questions for our clients. Some of those questions include:

  • How do I provide affordable benefits for my employees?
  • How do I provide affordable benefits for myself?
  • What insurance do I need for my business and how can I possibly afford it?
  • How do I manage and handle payroll?
  • I need advice, but who do I call?
  • What happens if an employee gets hurt?
  • What happens if I get hurt?
  • Are they an employee or are they a contractor?
  • What if I have a data breach?
  • What if my identity is compromised?
  • What are my rights?
  • What do I do if…?

The Answer

If any of those sound familiar, we can let you in on a little secret – big businesses have someone available to answer all those questions for them. We’ll let you in on another secret – no single company has every answer, nor should you be willing to accept their advice if they claim to provide all the answers. For most of us, that’s a big problem.

Here’s another secret most companies aren’t willing to admit – we don’t have all the answers. When we realized that, Nexcore benefits solutions was born.

We have sourced the very best companies to provide a series of benefits and solutions for the Nexcore clients. Nexcore has researched service providers to help our clients access the resources big businesses have available. We provide the best services and the best pricing available. The power of big business has finally been put in the hands of the Nexcore clients.

The solutions we provide will reduce your risk, save you money, and make your business more efficient, all while being better protected, more prepared, and better positioned in a highly-competitive world.

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