The biggest challenge you’ll face in growing your business is not a lack of resources, finances, or sales. Rather, the biggest challenge you’ll face is winning the game inside of yourself: the head game. With Nexcore, you’ll have access to coaches and mentors helping you take yourself and your business to the next level of growth.

Larry’s Philosophy

Real change happens when you are so in-tune with your dreams, so aligned with the imagery of your life, that the manifestation of that imagery is the next logical step. The reason so many people stay stuck in their lives is they are giving the majority of their attention to where their life is, instead of giving attention to where their life is going. And the attention to where life is (this is where most people have difficulty) is really old news and past tense, even though you are living it in the present tense. In other words, your current reality is the sum result of your previous thoughts (consciousness), and your corresponding actions. So, the reality of what you are living is past tense, in that by the time that something (your current reality) has manifested, there has already been a long stream of energy put toward it. So, in order to create the change you want, you are required to respond less to the now-ness of your life, and more to the imagery. That is the essence of my coaching: keeping you focused on the imagery while using your reality as your bouncing-off point.

Cara’s Philosophy

As a fitness instructor, life coach, and lifestyle enthusiast, I help both women and men transform their mindset from stuck in societies definition of “how it’s supposed to be” to how they always dreamed their lives could be. I help turn your “could” into abundant action. I teach you how to bring together mindset, movement, and micro-nutrition; all of which work together to bring out your best self.

I work to bring others from the everyday-mindset to abundant living, attracting all the positives from the world around you. I can easily get lost in hours of personal development. My motto? Everyone is always a #workinprogress. There is no destination on this journey – we are always growing.

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