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By purchasing, you acknowledge that you are entering into a contract and that you have read and fully understand all of the terms contained herein. Without limitation or exclusion, this includes an acknowledgement that Nexcore will store your payment method on file as a condition of membership and that you authorize Nexcore, as agreed with the above referenced signature, to charge any and all balances according to terms outlined and described in this agreement.

By signing, you certify that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions of the Feel Good Agreement as written and that your signature acknowledges and accepts any future versions of this agreement as a condition of membership. You further certify that you have received a copy of this agreement. This document is legally binding.

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Nexcore is a proud member of St. Louis' Fox Park community. For information about ways to collaborate, become a member, set up a tour, host an event, or for charitable giving partnerships and information, contact us today.

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