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We believe in the spirit of collaboration; that the growth of entrepreneurship is fostered by the blending of ideas.


You might have wondered why we chose the name ‘Nexcore.’ The Nexus is a connection or a series of connections linking two or more things. And the Core is defined as a central and foundational part that shapes the interior.

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Co-working and Beyond

Inspired by the thought that co-working should be more than just sharing space, Nexcore is a community-driven center for collaboration, offering an encouraging team environment, business coaching, and a roster of amenities to help small businesses and freelancers meet their goals. Its community of members have a like-minded approach to their working life: sharing energy and ideas, forming new connections, and having access to business resources that make the independent working experience as vibrant as it can be.

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Nexcore is a proud member of St. Louis' Fox Park community. For information about ways to collaborate, become a member, set up a tour, host an event, or for charitable giving partnerships and information, contact us today.

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